Letter to My Readers


I’m Alyssa!stickers About two years ago I drove my tiny car packed with the essentials, ramen and all the episodes of FRIENDS on DVD, into Stillwater. Little did I know as I sang car karaoke to Billy Joel’s “Pressure” that I was describing my next two years at Oklahoma State University. I came in naive to the big college ways. And while there was plenty of pressure, I learned to deal with it well.

My biggest destressor was Stillwater because there is always something to do to get your mind off homework. Stillwater quickly became my home away from home. It enticed me with its small town charm. It became the backdrop to some of my craziest stories. It houses my largely diverse set of friends. It’s the site of many of my first time’s, like the first time I two-stepped at Outlaws or the first time I attended a college football game. Stillwater is more than just a place it is my home and it houses some of my best memories.   This semester is my last and I have mixed feelings. I’m excited about the future but I’m sad because there is still so much I haven’t marked off my college bucket list, like drinking a fishbowl from Fuzzy’s. My goal for this last semester is to live up the college life before responsibilities set in and to record my final adventures in this blog. I will also sprinkle throughout the semester advice and tips that I’ve learned in my time here at Stillwater.

Partnering with Visit Stillwater, I’m going to make the most of my remaining time here by doing all things Stilly. I plan to discover the secret jewels shining throughout Stillwater and hope you’ll join me on the journey. I’ll keep you posted.

Go Pokes,



P.S. The first jewel I ever discovered and is a must try for anyone with taste buds is Granny’s Kitchen melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon rolls. It made the separation from my mother the first semester easier because it is like a taste of home but better. Sorry mom, your cinnamon rolls have nothing on Granny’s goodies.